Friday, January 6, 2012

New NCC Infocentre at World Exchange Plaza

Today I took a few pictures of the new NCC Infocentre at the World Exchange Plaza. You'll notice they're using the fairly new "Capitale" branding with the NCC logo nowhere in sight. I think it's a good decision since it's more important for visitors to recognize the brand of the capital than the bureaucratic agency that stewards it.

Instead of being located near the Metcalfe entrance where tourists would most likely enter before or after visiting Parliament Hill it's located in between Shoppers Drug Mart and TD Canada Trust closer to O'Connor. Perhaps they made that decision to be closer to the BIXI bikes. Looking at its location I couldn't help but wonder whether tourists will be able to find it; I would've expected a more prominent location (the location of the magazine shop at the Metcalfe entrance would be ideal).

Although the kiosk looks good, I have to admit I'll miss having them on Wellington Street.

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