Monday, March 14, 2011

My first writing pieces for

This month I started writing for, a news site focusing on cities, mainly urban and municipal issues.  The site is operated by the City Mayors Foundation- an international think thank based in the UK and Germany which "is made up of professionals who work together to promote strong and prosperous cities as well as good local government."

As Canada Correspondent with I'll be covering urban and municipal issues in Ottawa and Canada.  I'm thankful that I now have a greater platform on which to share my love for cities.

Below you'll find links to my first two articles.  The first one is a feature about high speed rail in Canada and the second is a news piece about Ottawa City Council expenditures.  Please visit the website regularly for new pieces about Canadian cities.  I will also post the links to this blog.  Thanks.

Kevin Bourne 

Canada slow to build high speed rail routes

Ottawa's mayor and councillors publish monthly expenditure data

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